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Date of publish: 15/11/2020 19:52 CET

Although Fight Back is billed as an expansion pack for American Conquest, it doesn’t actually require that you own the original game. Given the similarity between the two, and the fact that Fight Back costs 35, this is probably a good thing.

But perhaps we’re being a little unfair, as the game does feature eight new campaigns and ten single missions, as well as the classic random map skirmishes. It also introduces the Battlefield mode, which sets two ready-made armies against each other, eliminating the laborious and time-consuming activity of having to build them up yourself.

Five new nations and around 50 new types of unit complete the list of additions, but in terms of gameplay it’s a case of business as usual. Fair enough, you might say: if it ain’t broke, yadda yadda. The thing here is, many people, us included, felt there were many aspects of the original that fell short of gaming perfection. The AI of your troops, for example, is still rudimentary: they either chase the enemy or stay put, letting themselves become pincushions in the process. During a large battle you find them wandering all over the shop.

The learning curve remains steeper than the walls of the Grand Canyon, and after your entire army has been nearly wiped out for the tenth time by a native raid, you just feel like giving up and playing something a bit more forgiving. Fans of the original will appreciate Fight Back, but that’s about it.


Score: 6.8


Written by PC Zone Staff


Source: CVG [source link | archived site]

Original date of publish: 06.10.2003

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