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Date of publish: 16/11/2020 19:51 CET

American Conquest: Divided Nation is a real-time strategy game based upon events in early American history. In the game, Players will take on the role of Civil War general, Texas militia leader or pirate captain. Building upon the successful American Conquest franchise, Divided Nation offers nine historically inspired campaigns played across more than 50 maps set in a turbulent 19th-century America. The game will introduce more than 100 new units, 20 new building types and a variety of unique game play and combat model enhancements appropriate for the time period. Campaigns span historical conflicts including the American Civil War, the Texas War of Independence and the Battle of New Orleans.

1861 to 1865 was a bloody and painful time to live in continental North America. For reasons entirely too complicated to go into here, the land mass that would one day become the United States of America split into many factions, most notably the Union and the Confederacy. North and South, Grey and Blue, brother against brother – when the smoke cleared, there were 970,000 casualties scarring the landscape, and the collective psyche would never be the same again. Using this history as a backdrop, a development team known as Revolution Strategy has crafted a game called American Conquest: Divided Nation. Through their efforts, you may now revisit this crucible of patriotism. The South shall rise again, virtually…


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