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It’s a shame that there aren’t more strategy games set in 19th century America. For a period that enjoys so much attention from amateur historians and hobbyists, it seems like the neglected child of historical strategy games. We get tons of World War 2 games, a surfeit of Medieval games, craptons of fantasy and sci-fi and even the odd Napoleonic wargame or two but when it comes to the Civil War, the War of 1812 and the Texas Revolution, it seems like no one cares enough to even try to make a good game. At least, not since Talonsoft disappeared.

Anyway, the fine folks over at CDV have recently tried to remedy this oversight with their American Conquest series. The third game in the series, titled Divided Conquest, finally focuses the action on the American Civil War and even spills over a bit to capture the battles of New Orleans and the Alamo…


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