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American Conquest is a real time strategy game developed by GSC Game World, the same people who developed the acclaimed Cossacks line of RTS titles. At first glance, American Conquest may seem like the Cossacks game with a different theme slapped on, but it is much more than meets the eye.

AC is set in the newly discovered North American continent and takes place from the 1600’s all the way until the end of the eighteenth century as opposed to the European empires that Cossacks is set in. In these years you’ll be recreating many of the memorable wars such as the French-Indian War, the Columbus Expeditions, and the Revolutionary War among others. Throughout the campaigns the factions you’ll control are the British, Spanish, French, American Colonists, and several of the Native American tribes such as the Sioux, Incan, Mayan, Pueblo, Delaware, Aztec, Iroquois, and Huron.

If you played any real time strategy game before, then you should have no problem adapting to American Conquest. The concept is just like the rest, harvest resources with peasants, use the resources to construct more buildings and train troops. Then use the army you built to seek out and destroy your opponent’s base. The thing that sets AC apart from the rest of the RTS titles is its ability to handle a plethora of units battling onscreen with not much slowdown on the average PC. Another coin in its pocket is the recreation of those classic battle sequences where you can send long formations of troops across a valley. Hell, there are even drummers that march with you to help boost morale. Instead of destroying buildings you can also capture them by having troops invade them and vanquishing any enemies that may be garrisoned inside.

The campaign missions place you in a wide variety of scenarios. They are all based heavily on actual history, and there are great briefings with lots of interesting facts pertaining to the mission. They are a tad bit on the lengthy side, but if you’re history nut like me you will milk every seconds worth of info out of them. The first missions are easy tutorials to get you familiar with the controls and how to make units, construct buildings, learn some advanced tactics, and so on. Aside from the usual “destroy opposing base” missions there are other interesting types of scenarios thrown in there for variety such as defending your own base for a specific amount of time, or completing missions with only a limited amount of troops. These put me in for some real challenges, yet they didn’t drag on and get boring like they do in other RTS games such as Battle Realms, and Conflict Zone…


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