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Date of publish: 11/11/2020 18:07 CET

American Conquest is historical real-time strategy game from the same team who worked on Cossacks: European Wars and its add-ons. Needless to say that the team is very professional and owing to the RTS development experience gained while working on previous projects. If you ever played Cossacks – battles with thousands of units on the map, you probably already know what I’m talking about. Unlike Cossacks, American Conquest is about the history of American continent exploration. The game covers a period of 300 years packed with various historical events, starting from Columbus’s discovery of the continent and up to the War of Independence in the United States (centuries 15-18).

You will start playing as Columbus discovering the continent and then gradually move along the milestones of American history of the time. The difficulty curve will grow smoothly through missions. Initially in the game you, just as the first European travelers to America, will learn how to build fortifications, survive in the hostile territory, carry out exploration of the territory and establish diplomatic relations with Natives. The gameplay is half Cossacks, half new. There are many innovations implemented such as doubled unit limit, units go inside houses, unit morale and experience, better animations, physics, water effects, photorealistic textures and so on. The missions cover a variety of simple and complex objectives, including defending an area for a specific amount of time, reaching a resource goal, setting up an outpost, or capturing enemy territory, etc…



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