American Conquest – Interviews

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On this page you can read interviews in English about the game series American Conquest. Any translations from other languages may contain errors, as they were made using a translation program.

Explanation of the page:

Published by: the author of the interview – original language of the article in brackets; Date of publish: the original publication date of the interview (where available); Original link: the link to the website where it was originally published; Status: the availability of the original preview at the time of writing this page, with three statuses: Archived (readable with all content), Fragmented (only the content that is not lost is readable), Lost (not available on the Internet).



Published by Date of publish Original link Status
Eurogamer (ENG) 14.12.2001 LINK Archived
Daily Telefrag (ENG) 28.02.2002 LINK Archived
Doupě.cz (ENG) 08.02.2002 LINK Archived
GameGuru (ENG) 14.09.2002 LINK Archived
GameWatchers #1 (ENG) 18.11.2002 LINK Archived
GameWatchers #2 (ENG) 10.11.2002 LINK Archived
GameWatchers #3 (ENG) 11.11.2002 LINK Archived
GameWatchers #4 (ENG) 12.11.2002 LINK Archived
HomeLAN Fed (ENG) 08.12.2002 LINK Archived
The Wargamer (ENG) 23.01.2003 LINK Archived



Published by Date of publish Original link Status
Strategy Informer (ENG) 20.03.2006 LINK Archived

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