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• General Questions


What is American Conquest Fight Back?
In short, it’s a real-time strategist’s delight! This is the first add-on to American Conquest – Three Centuries of War. The game will deliver a whole lot of fun with more nations and missions, as well as a new battle mode. It’s a must-have for any Cossacks and American Conquest fan!


What are the Germans doing in the American Conquest add-on?
Welser, a German family-run trading house, had loaned a large sum of money to Spain’s King Charles. Charles used this money to pave his way to the throne. Once he was crowned, Charles paid Welser off with the Agreement of March 27, 1528, which granted Welser a vast territory in the South. If you take a look at a map, you will find that the territory granted to Welser included all of present-day Venezuela.


What other nations are struggling for power in the game?
In the era covered by the game, Russia was fighting the Alaskan natives to gain control of Alaska. Therefore, both of these nations are part of the game. Furthermore, Portugal and the Netherlands surface in the stand-alone-expansion.


Please give me numbers!
Ok, here you go: 26 campaign missions, 8 campaigns, 5 new nations, 47 new units, 2 new ships, 39 buildings, and new upgrades such as a totem building to boost the morale of the Haidan troops.


What advantages do the Haida have?
The Haida, natives from Alaska, gather around a totem, which boosts their morale. Those who play the Haida can build several totems, including some near the enemy base.


• Technical Questions


Have the technical requirements changed?
No. The add-on requires the same hardware as the main title.


What hardware do I need for playing American Conquest Fight Back?
Minimum: Intel PII 450 MHz, 64 MB RAM
Recommended: Intel PIII 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM


Which operating system does the American Conquest add-on require?
MS Windows 98, 2000, ME, or XP.


Does the add-on require the main title?
No, the game is a stand-alone version. Therefore, you will not need the main title, American Conquest – Three Centuries of War.


What can I do if the background music doesn’t play back?
To solve this problem, please type in the cheat code as follows:


1. Press the [Enter] button while playing
2. Type in “qwe”
3. Press the [Enter] button again


• Gameplay Questions


Is there be a new game mode?
Yes, and it is called “Battles”. The basic idea is to have no economy, thus focusing entirely on tactics and war formations. The battle stories are not tied to history and, therefore, are ideally balanced. There are various objectives in the battles (besides total destruction), and maps are pre-designed.


Is there anything more to know about the new mode?
Yes. Your resources are restricted. You can invest them in certain upgrades. A system of scores allows you to buy upgrades before the battle starts. Note: if you spend too much money or food, the amount of time that you can fight without famine or revolt is reduced.


Where are the differences be between the main title and the add-on?
The add-on offers some changes in balance. For example, the Spanish rider costs +50 gold.


Please give me a detailed list of changed balance parameters.
Here you are:



Rider cost +50 gold
Riders’ protection from arrows changed to 125 (originally 155)



Max. number of units inside of the center changed to 20 (originally 25)
Max. number of units inside of the dwelling changed to 5 (originally 25)
Max. number of units inside of the dwelling2 changed to 15 (originally 45)
Max. number of units inside of the temple changed to 35 (originally 45)
Shooters’ ability to kill enemy units by shooting inside of buildings (barracks, temple, dwelling, dwelling2 and center) changed to 90% (originally 50%)
Ability to defend buildings (barracks, temple, dwelling, dwelling2) from inside changed to 1-20, depending on how many units are inside (originally 1-10)



Shooter melee attack changed to 3 (originally 6)
Shooter fire changed to 400 (originally 600)
Dwelling 1 building time changed to 800 (originally 250)
Dwelling 2 building time changed to 5000 (originally 1,000)
Max. units inside of dwelling 1 changed to 10 (originally 25)
Cost of the upgrade “purchase new building materials (ALL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION SPEED +75%)” changed to 10,000 gold (originally 1,000 gold)



Cost of archer +30 gold



Cost of mounted archer changed to 800 food, 40 wood (originally 2,000 food, 140 wood)
Mounted archer scatter of fire increased by 20%
Mounted shooter hit points changed to 240 (originally 380)
Sioux shooter building time changed to 600 (originally 1,000)
Mounted shooter fire power changed to 400 (originally 300)
Mounted shooter cost changed to 100 gold (originally 40)
Dwelling 2 lodging changed to 100 (originally 40)
Mounted chief building time changed to 400 (originally 1,200)
Mounted chief cost changed to 750 gold (originally 250)
Hunter defense upgrades no longer require gold
Mounted pikeman defense upgrades changed to +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 (originally +1 +3 +4 +5 +1 +7). Upgrades cost also changed
Food removed from the cost of upgrade “Improve protective armaments (MOUNTED PIKEMAN’S PROTECTION AGAINST PIKE +5)” (originally 65,000 food)
Cost of the upgrade “Purchase metal tools from Europeans (WOOD GATHERING +50%)” -14,000 food -1000 gold
Cost of the upgrade “Purchase rifles (ENABLES MOUNTED SHOOTERS)” no longer requires food, but requires 12,500 gold (originally 6,300)


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