E3 2002 – Impressions from GameSpot

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Date of publish: 07/11/2020 13:18 CET

CDV has a rough version of its upcoming real-time strategy game American Conquest on display in its booth at E3. The game is being built using the engine from the company’s existing RTS series, Cossacks: European Wars. As such, players can expect features similar to that series, but with subject matter and units drawn from the colonies of the Americas.

Although American Conquest is being developed with existing technology, its engine is undergoing a significant overhaul. Instead of 10,000 onscreen units, armies in American Conquest can include more than 16,000 units. Instead of maps measuring 16 screens by 16 screens in size, maps will measure a whopping 20 screens by 30 screens in 1024×768 resolution. The visual perspective will remain isometric, like that of Cossacks, and the game’s 2D sprite-based units will consist of traditional combatants dressed in period clothing. Certain features, however, such as large foliage and mountains, will be composed of 3D polygons instead of 2D paintings, giving them a more realistic look.


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