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American Conquest interviews   Published by Date of publish Original link Status Eurogamer (ENG) 14.12.2001 LINK Archived Daily Telefrag (ENG) 28.02.2002 LINK Archived Doupě.cz (ENG) 08.02.2002 LINK Archived GameGuru (ENG) 14.09.2002 LINK Archived GameWatchers #1 (ENG) 18.11.2002 LINK Archived GameWatchers #2 (ENG) 10.11.2002 LINK Archived GameWatchers #3 (ENG) 11.11.2002 LINK Archived GameWatchers #4 (ENG) 12.11.2002 […]

Interview from CGOnline

#HeroesofAnnihilatedEmpiresInterview Date of publish: 21/11/2020 21:05 CET What are the differences between the four playable races? How do they fit into the storyline? There are both visual and gameplay-effecting differences. Visual ones go as far as unique looks of all the nations’ structures and units. Each nation’s native terrain has both visual and gameplay effects […]

Interview from HomeLAN Fed

#HeroesofAnnihilatedEmpiresInterview Date of publish: 19/11/2020 19:10 CET Developer GSC GameWorld is keeping very busy. In addition to their upcoming first person shooter S.T.A.L.K.E.R and their upcoming historical RTS title Cossacks 2, the developer recently announced yet another game in development, a fantasy themed RTS game titled Heroes Of Annihilated Empires. HomeLAN got a chance to […]

Interview from RPG Vault

#HeroesofAnnihilatedEmpiresInterview Date of publish: 19/11/2020 18:39 CET Situated on scenic banks of the Dnipro River, Kiev is the capital of the Ukraine. With a history that extends back at least a thousand years, it rose to prominence during the 11th and 12th centuries as a center for trade between the Baltic and Mediterranean regions before […]

Interview from HomeLan Fed

#AlexanderInterview Date of publish: 18/11/2020 15:20 CET Recently developer GSC GameWorld and publisher Ubi Soft released Alexander, a historical real time strategy game about the rise and fall of the powerful leader of the Greek empire Alexander the Great. The game is also a tie-in to the recent Oliver Stone movie of the same name […]

Interview from StrategyInformer

#AmericanConquestDividedNationInterview Date of publish: 16/11/2020 19:25 CET Strategy Informer: Hi, can you introduce yourself and can you tell us something about your role in creating American Conquest: Divided Nation? CDV: Hi,My name is Shaun Fletcher, and I am the technical lead of Revolution of Strategy and of the Divided Nation project. We are a small […]